Official Sona Pillow® Classic

$124.99 $99.99

Sona Pillow® by Remarkable Life USA™ top Anti-snore pillow
Sona Pillow® model sleeping in correct position termed Sona Positioning®
Sona Pillow® Anti-Snore, Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Aging Pillows
Worldclass Anti-Snore pillow Try a Sona Pillow® Classic for Side Sleepers
Sona Pillow arm above your head sleeping position called Sona Positioning™
Sona Pillow® by Remarkable Life USA™
Sona Pillow® Anti-Snore, Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Aging Pillows
Sona Pillow® by Remarkable Life USA™

Official Sona Pillow® Classic

$124.99 $99.99

Shipping is delayed a few months. We are taking orders and will ship all orders when our next shipment arrives.  Sona Pillow® O model is currently in stock.  

Top Anti-Snoring Pillow Sona Pillow® Classic

  • Stops snoring / Anti-Snore Pillow
  • Promotes side sleeping position
  • Prevents grinding of teeth
  • Arm recess to extend one’s arm under the head
  • Prevents arm from falling asleep
  • Patented design
  • Millions of Sona Pillows® have been sold
  • Uses Sona Positioning®
  • Independent medical studies have shown Sona Positioning® can prevent certain sleep apnea.
  • New Age Memory Foam with high grade cotton pillow cover
  • Pillow case made of specially designed 100% organic cotton
  • Original article showed improvement of sleep architecture, snoring, sleep apnea and promoting restful sleep
  • The new improved executive Sona Pillow® can be placed in a regular pillow case
  • As seen on NBC, CBS, Mens Health, Orlando Sentinel, Health Magazine, Huffington post, Jay Leno show, Fox news
  • How to Stop Snoring is with a Sona Pillow®
  • Try this Top Snoring Pillow
  • People with Sleep Apnea, Sona Pillow® is CPAP Compatible

Worldclass Anti-Snore pillow Try a Sona Pillow for Side Sleepers

Many of my patients tried a number of different treatment options for snoring before they finally found relief with the Sona Pillow®, said Dr. Zuber, who has more than a decade of experience in neurology and sleep therapy.

Sometimes those most grateful for the Sona Pillow® are not even the people who stopped snoring but their partners who now get a peaceful and full nights sleep.”

“Couples tell me all the time the Sona Pillow® literally has saved their marriage, I’m not giving up my pillow.

We believe the Sona Pillow® addresses the very real issue of snoring that affects people, and couples, throughout the country,” said Large National Retail Store Chain CEO. 


  • Use pillow while sleeping on your side.
  • Extend the arm under the pillow, on the side that you are sleeping on.
  • Always have your head facing downwards, with arm extended under the slanting surface of either side of the pillow.
  • It takes time to get accustomed to using the pillow, continue using, it becomes comfortable with daily usage.
  • If pillow is too high, place a weight on it for a few days to settle the filling.
  • Use a king sized pillow to hug while sleeping on your side.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 13 × 7 in

Four Sona Pillows, One Sona Pillow, Three Sona Pillows, Two Sona Pillows


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