Super Pillow™

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The Most Comfortable Pillow In The World - Super Pillow
Super Pillow™ Anti-Snore, Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Aging Pillows
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Super Pillow™ Couple Sleeping Peacefully in Bed Sleep
Super Pillow™ Anti-Snore, Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Aging Pillows

Super Pillow™

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$75.00 $59.99

Top Anti-Snore, Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Aging Pillow. 
Improve your Quality of Sleep Immediately.
Patented by Neurologist of the Year in 2015.
Pillow design encourages deep and long sleep.
The inner area’s unique design enables you to play music, place aromatic oils under your pillow without getting smushed.


Benefits of the Super Pillow™

  • Stops snoring and help you sleep longer

  •   Wake up refreshed, don’t bother your partner.  Both you and your partner will sleep better

  •   Boosts your energy through properly positioned sleep.

  •   Enjoy the health benefits of sound sleep.  Sleep deprivation causes decreased endorphin’s which can cause emotional, behavioral disturbances and depression.

  •   Multiple Medical studies have shown the benefit of positional sleep as a mode of promoting restful sleep and alleviating snoring and sleep apnea.

  •   Snoring may be a precursor of sleep apnea, a serious medical condition manifested by obstruction of the airways and by the jaw moving back and causing obstruction of the airways and stoppage of airflow to the lungs.  This is worse with the patient laying on their back. The Sona Positioning™ prevents this while using the Super Pillow

  •   High blood pressure, excessive sleepiness, weight gain, stroke, heart attack and lack of progress in career and general enjoyment of life due to excessive sleepiness have been shown to be related to sleep apnea, a serious medical condition-

  •   The Super Pillow ™ is not meant to treat any medical condition or disease and the benefits cited have not been evaluated by the FDA.


Super Pillow™

This is the best pillow made specifically by sleep specialists to promote a restful side sleeping position

Super Pillow™ stops snoring and is to be used for side sleeping and places the head in the Sona Positioning™. This position prevents snoring by promoting the user to sleep on their side and with the head naturally positioned in a downward patented slanting position (Sona Positioning™). This moves the jaw forward and prevents retro-positioning and occlusion of the throat, which is the cause of snoring and sleep apnea.

The Super Pillow™ is a patented pillow to stop snoring.

The Super Pillow™ positions your head in an inclined position moving the jaw forward and stops snoring.
The Super Pillow™ uses Sona Positioning™ which is a trademarked position also used by the Sona Pillows® to
move the jaw forward and stop snoring, grinding of teeth and sleep apnea.

Design Elements

  •   The patented design of the Super Pillow™ is extremely ergonomic and easy to use, and the head naturally gets into the correct position while using the pillow

  •   The top of the pillow consists of a rounded surface which instinctively and comfortably positions your face in a side sleeping position

  •   Made for ear comfort, the top of the pillow has a comfort exaggerating indentation for resting the ear

  •   Built in base of the Super Pillow™ is a special recess for speaker

Ease of use

  • Super Pillow™ has an elliptical surface and can be used in any position and always places the head in the correct profile to stop snoring

  •   The circumferential surface alleviates settling of the pillow and maintaining the proper shape

  •   The pillow should last for a long time and due to its patented design the shape does not get usage fatigue and permanent indentations. Pillow can be used from any side as it is circular

Arm Positioning

  • The base of the pillow has a circular lip so that users can place their arm under the head without compressing the arm

  •   This assists in using the pillow while laying on either side or even flat on their stomach and the head would still fall in the perfectly desired position

  •   This specific patented design element helps the user place their arm extended under the head and pillow without direct compression of the arm and maintaining continuous side sleeping position with no discomfort

BASF Memory foam

  • The Super Pillow ™ is made of NASA developed memory foam with BASF memory foam which is the best material for this pillow as it is free of any smell and does not produce CFC gas and exceeds all national and international product safety criteria

  •   Our visco elastic memory foam is hypoallergenic, bed bug resistant, and is of a specific scientifically determined density which is comfortable and soft enough to cradle the head and at the same time provide the necessary support

Science Behind Product

  • The Super Pillow ™ is designed by Sleep Specialist’s physicians for the purpose of promoting prolonged restful sleep and stopping snoring.

  •   Multitudes of published research articles and the studies on the Sona Pillow ®, have shown the health benefits of positional sleep.

  •    In sleep medicine literature, this specific angled downward facing patented anatomic positioning of the head is achieved by using the Super Pillow™

Speaker & Sleep Sound app

  •   The Super Pillow ™ is specifically made to hold a specially designed wireless blue tooth speaker for use with sleep app promoting restful sound and relaxation techniques.  The base of the pillow has indentation for speaker.


Usage With CPAP

  • The Super Pillow ™ may also be used with all CPAP masks and will not interfere with the use of CPAP or cause air leaks due to its ergonomic design

  •   CPAP users who want to sleep on their side may use the Super Pillow ™ as regular pillows cause the mask to shift and be uncomfortable and cause air leaks, this is alleviated by using our pillow


Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 16 x 4 in

3 reviews for Super Pillow™

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I love my pillow! I use it every night. — Sophia 4 1/2 years old.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I started to use the Super Pillow™ about two months ago, i crave for the time of night when its time for me to lay my head down to go to sleep. It is so comfortable I’ve have a much deeper sleep consistently I’d say. Its awesome!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    It really is Super comfortable I have to say. Thanks so much! Sally — Tulsa, OK

  4. Sona Pillow and Super Pillow Customer Service Team

    Thank you so much Sally we appreciate your satisfaction in the pillow! Enjoy!

  5. Sona Pillow and Super Pillow Customer Service Team

    Thank you Dean for your wonderful comments we are so glad you enjoy it.

  6. Sona Pillow and Super Pillow Customer Service Team

    Thank you so much Sophia, we are very happy we help you have amazing dreams!! Enjoy your nights sleep!

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